Shared Vision & Education

Learning and dreaming about the shared economy is a personal and collective process of study and practice. Whether you’re brand new to solidarity economy frameworks, are a solidarity economy organizer yourself, or have studied the ins and outs of the movement for years, there is always opportunity to deepen our understanding of the world we want to build and strengthen our ability to build it.

Here are a few resources for getting started:

Video: Solidarity Economy 101 Webinar Recording – US Solidarity Economy Network (1 hour), May 2021

Report: Solidarity Rising in Massachusetts – Solidarity Economy Institute (42 pages), February 2017

Report: Solidarity Economy: Building an Economy for People and Planet – Emily Kawano, Wellspring/USSEN (40 pages), March 2018

Website: New Economy Coalition: What is the Solidarity Economy?

Beautiful Solutions, Spectrum of Allies Methodology

Currently, our primary focus is educating the solidarity economy curious and those already part of the movement, rather than focusing our energy on the active or passive opposition for the time being. Building a strong foundation and understanding of the solidarity economy within the Massachusetts solidarity economy movement will make it easier to engage directly with oppositional audiences in the future.

If you’d like to join our Education Working Group or Media Working Group, please reach out to [at]